Collaboration, Pragmatism, Versatility

Welcome to Konsult

Konsult, formed in 2021, is a niche construction cost consultancy born from the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic, founded out of a strong desire to impact positive change in market practices & culture. Konsult is aiming to ‘disrupt’ the traditional construction cost & project management consultancy offer prevalent in the local market. Focusing primarily on innovative cost management, Konsult will promote more collaborative procurement models and contracting routes, with the intention to nurture conflict avoidance behavior and non-adversarial dispute resolution.


Konsult offer a range a range of core cost consultancy services, specialist services and dispute avoidance services. 


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Konsult have provided the full suite of core cost management services, specialist services & various dispute resolution services over a twenty plus year career, spanning numerous employers of consulting, contracting & client orientation. This provides Konsult a full cradle to grave appreciation of construction project delivery and the role of all key stakeholders. 

Some of projects referred to herein may have been experienced by Konsult staff whilst working for their previous employers, albeit the services provided are commensurate with the service offering of Konsult and further demonstrate our in-house capabilities.


Konsult periodically publishes articles of topical industry debate and commentary, presents bodies of research & development and provides pertinent market insight.


Some of the publications contained herein may have been published by our staff when in a previous employment. 

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